19th November 2015

What next for The Tropicana

In response to The Mercury asking what should happen now at The Tropicana.....all you need for the Tropicana site is on this website.

Plans have already been passed to create an olympic pool, leisure and retail facilities to include an events arena...The Trop Trust is the charitable trust promoting this; backed by an enabling team including leading business people and associations along with Lib-Dem, Labour and Independent Councillors....note I don't include Conservative Councillors as they appear to be suppressed by Executive in North Somerset...The only thing holding back from success with delivering this scheme is the reluctance of the Executive to work in a formal partnership with The Trop Trust in the same way they did with the College and The Winter Gardens..worth in the region if £11million..sold to the College for £ allow the College to attract millions more in grant, match and other funding...oh...and they had a 'partnership' benefit with the council to secure funding so it can be done!!. 

So here we go again..same questions..what should be done with the site going forward.... if anyone can come up with a formula for at least getting a 'genuine' formal partnership with the council to pursue all the opportunities that this scheme can deliver for the town and district..please let the Trop Trust details on this website.

Thanks..The Trop Trust Team.


16th September 2015 

No Trop - No Banksy

Well, in response to Ian Pitch’s latest missive in the Weston Mercury. He should have least had the decency to congratulate myself and TheTrop Trust from stopping the demolition of the Tropicana. The fact is without the Tropicana building there would be no great Banksy event in this town.

But, what is the future? After years of dereliction and destruction of the site by this local authority, The Trop Trust pursued a significant and successful campaign to investigate and report on the value to the community and visitors to the town that this building could provide, and, remain committed to this development opportunity. If this local authority had not been taken to the highest court in the land there would have been sand, sand, and more sand in place of this Iconic building. 

North Somerset Council’s chief executive has recently told me that he now recognises the site has significant opportunities for a multi-use events space and the Banksy exhibition has bought considerable revenue to the area and created a positive impact with visitor numbers benefitting many of the town centre and other local businesses.

Hurrah, someone has woken up at last... this is exactly what was recognised and projected in the business plan for the Tropicana scheme and what The Trop Trust and its predecessors have been saying for the last four years. The trust’s design and planning permission for the Tropicana has the ability to deliver a multi-use events space along with a magnificent seafront pool!

This revenue injection and ‘positive impact’ confirmed by the chief executive, is further proof that the correct financial assumptions and visitor numbers , made by the trust and their accountants,   proves that people will come if they have something to come too, thereby further supporting the validity and viability of the trust’s business plan.

The Trust is not, as Mr Pitch suggests, ‘strangely silent’.  It remains active in the campaign to bring this facility fully back to life for the town but has little to report until this local authority confirms that the active partnership required by the trust, as advised by Jess Steele, and confirmed to be in place by this local authority, is indeed  made ‘active’. This will then unlock grant funding in exactly the same way that Weston College has attracted millions of pounds of grant funding and investment to the Winter Gardens. A further example of this is Pontypridd Lido, their active partnership has attracted over 6million pounds of grants and investment to refurbish their 1927 outdoor lido. The same can be done in Weston super Mare.

In conclusion, I would remind Mr Pitch that  ‘information’ and ‘updates’ can be found on the website The Trust is an open book, there is nothing to hide and anybody with any queries can contact the trust through the website, email, Facebook or Twitter or simply by phone on 01934 822374.

As Mr Norris queried in his recent letter... I would also be interested in where Mr Pitch obtains his ‘spurious’ information from because invariably it is incorrect.

Councillor Derek Mead - North Somerset First Independents

19th August 2015

Banksy in Weston super Mare?

It might just be the most exciting thing to ever happen to humble seaside town Weston super Mare. The world-famous Banksy has arrived.

Rumours have been circulating for days that what at first glance appeared to be the set of a new Hollywood film at the former Tropicana lido is actually a now not-so-effective cover for what is the elusive artist's latest show.

The source told the Bristol Post the show will be opening to the public for the first time on Saturday after an invite-only preview on Friday, with more details set to emerge over the coming days.

But Banksy's people are saying nothing, letting the momentum build as art-lovers flock to derelict site in the hope of finding a sign that it really is happening.

For those of you who still aren't convinced, the internet has been busy doing what it does best - delving into its deep, dark corners to try and find some cryptic clue that the sinister Disney castle and oversized windmill visible from Weston seafront form part of Banksy's latest works.

Perhaps the most interesting thing to pop up comes from a Tweet sent in 2013, which makes it look like this show might have been in the works for quite some time.

A stencil, which looks suspiciously like the work of the Bristol artist, advertises a Dismaland, complete with Mickey Mouse image.

Embedded image permalink


Then there are the aerial shots of the site, in which you can just about make out what very much looks like a small theme park (Dismaland is supposed to be a sinister twist on Disneyland) and if you really squint, you can just about make out some artwork on the walls.

Embedded image permalink


It looks like Weston super Mare is the place to be this weekend. 

Please click here to support our future vision for the site. 

7th July 2015

"Pontypridd Lido Restoration Project" 

The Trop Trust are pleased to announce their upcoming visit to Lido Pontypridd, the £6.3 Million National Lido of Wales which is due to open this summer following a major restoration project.

Spearheaded by Rhondda Cynon Taf Council with financial support from the European Regional Development Fund through the Welsh Government, Heritage Lottery Fund and Cadw the project has totally transformed the landmark Grade II listed lido.

The project will involve:

  • Restoring the historic Grade II listed lido to a high standrad.
  • Restoring the lido's historic features, such as the original turnstiles, and wooden cubicles.
  • Reopen the lido as a heated facility, with three pools for different uses: a main pool, an activities pool, and a semi circular splash pool for small children.
  • Provide free entry for children aged 12 or under with an accompanying adult.
  • Contruct a high quality cafe to serve both the lido and wider park.
  • Construct a visitor intrpretation space, viewing gallery, and classroom/meeting facility, which can act as a hub for community learning anf volunteering opportunities.
  • Construct a new changing block in line with modern expectations.
  • Create a state-of-the-art dry facility open year round.

Trop Trust spokesperson and North Somerset District Councillor Derek Mead commented "We have been battling to restore the Tropicana as a swimming pool for nearly 4 years. If Pontypridd can restore their iconic open air lido there is no reason why Weston should not be able to do the same. We are looking forward to our upcoming visit to the Ponypridd Lido to see and learn how they succeeded with this major restoration project"

Visit the Pontyrpridd Lido Regeneration website for more information about their restoration project.

10th June 2014

"Volunteers join forces with campaigners to help save the Tropicana" 

Campaigners fighting to save the derelict Tropicana swimming pool in Weston-super-Mare rallied an army of volunteers to raise awareness of their plight.

Trop Trust members joined forces with volunteers at the weekend as part of National Volunteers’ Week, to raise awareness of their plight to reopen the seaside pool.

Volunteers’ Week is an annual celebration of the fantastic contribution millions of volunteers make across the UK - and ran from the 1-7 June, 2014.

Together the campaigners handed out leaflets and asked people to support a petition to get North Somerset Council to hand over the Tropicana keys to The Trop Trust.

The Trop Trust wants to create Olympic-sized swimming pool with shops and a restaurant and have applied for a £1million grant from The Regional Growth Fund.

To push ahead with its plan the group need North Somerset Council to hand the building over and provide them with a letter of intent.

They believe this should be done under changes to the localism act, which allow communities to submit the ‘Right To Contest’ applications to buy or request release of a site that is underused or empty.

Trop Trust spokesman, Derek Mead, says once the letter of intent has been provided by the local authority and the keys handed over, they can push ahead with their plans.

For more information please call Geri on 01934 822374. 

19th May 2014

"Right to Contest" 

Recent changes under the localism act allows communities to submit 'Right to Contest' applications to buy or request release of a site that is underused or empty. This should apply to the Tropicana building. We, the Team, can challenge North Somerset Council on this issue. If you support the "Right to Contest" please complete and submit the online form If you are interested in volunteering your time and helping the Trop team distribute leaflets please ring 01934 822374 or 07772113949. Lets pool together!


 8th April 2014

"Meeting with The Mr Eric Pickles" 


Photo; shows from left to right Teresa Ridley, Amanda Sutherland, Eric Pickles, John Penrose, Derek Mead, Paul Batts, Geri Callen and Gail Parsons.

Members of the campaign team working to save the Tropicana met up with The Secretary of State , Eric Pickles, in the House of Commons ,London ,on Thursday 2nd April to deliver personal 'thank you letters' from supporters in North Somerset for the reinstatement of the pool following the decision to disallow the application by North Somerset Council to demolish the site. 

The campaigners have now formed an enabling team, which includes John Penrose MP for Weston super Mare along with District and Town councillors and local business associations to move the project forward and to attract funding for the site.

The meeting, arranged by Weston’s MP John Penrose, saw the presentation of a Weston super Mare ‘Carnival Memento’ to Eric Pickles.

John said:

“Most of us remember the Trop carnival float featuring Eric Pickles as a slightly unlikely Sea God. I was delighted to set up a meeting between the Trop backers and Eric, so they could present him with a memento to say ‘thank you’ for his decision. It turns out Eric saw the original report in the Mercury and was particularly proud of the picture because it shows him with an impressive six-pack!”

21st December 2013

"MP picks Trop Santa Card"


John Penrose is sending festive greetings cards involving Santa and the Tropicana to all his fellow MPs this Christmas, including the Prime Minister.

The Weston MP asked schoolchildren to design a card and got people to vote for their favourites online.

Scarlett Fortune, from Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College, was named the overall winner.

Hutton Primary School pupils William Stevenson and Maria Karageorgopoulos were named winners of the key stage one and two categories respectively.

Full article... 

19th December 2013

"Welcome to The Trop Trust"

After a successful campaign lasting two years culminating with the Secretary of State halting the demolition of the building, the campaign group The Trop (WsM) Ltd is to be superseded by The Trop Trust. Trustees will shortly be in place to take on the task of working with a volunteer enabling team (consisting of local and respected business people) to oversee fund raising and grant applications to finance the project.

Also following the last full district council meeting, this team now has the support of North Somerset Council.

The Trop Trust recognises the importance of collecting and maintaining up to date information from the local business communities, residents and visitors to the area  and therefore would like to invite you to visit our forum pages where you can share ideas and raise any queries with us.

Gathering this information will also assist, and in some cases, is crucial to our successful fund raising activities for this project. We thank you in advance for your valued input.

2nd December 2013

Business Questionnaire

Please take the time to fill out our short business questionnaire to support us in our fundraising activities. Please download and return to: The Trop Trust, Ebdon Court Farm, Wick St Lawrence, Weston Super Mare, North Somerset, United Kingdom BS22 7YU oemail

Thank You.  

Click here to download the business questionnaire.


1st December 2013

"Thank You Mr Pickles"

A BIG Thank You to everyone who has supported the "Thank You Eric Pickles" campaign. All entries have now been collected ready to be delivered to Eric. Post Boxes are now shut.   


15th November 2013

Unanimous vote to support Tropicana scheme 

Every single councillor at North Somerset's full council meeting has voted in favour of supporting the latest scheme to redevelop Weston's crumbling Tropicana.

The decision came after a working party, formed to come up with a solution for the site, recommended that members should hand over the leasehold of the seafront site to Trop WSM Ltd.  

Full article...

23rd October 2013

North Somerset Council Meeting in November to consider the latest proposals for the Tropicana

Agreement reached to put a proposal to Full Council next month which could allow the Community Group, The Trop (WsM) Ltd and its team to test the viability of its scheme for the development of The Tropicana in Weston-super-Mare.

Councillor Derek Mead, also a spokesperson for the Community Group says: “Members of the group have been campaigning since November 2011 to save this landmark building and deliver a new exciting beachside facility. It is heartening to note that North Somerset Council Leader Nigel Ashton expressly recognised and acknowledged that this is what the people want.

In recognition of the opportunities within the Localism Act, the group have repeatedly asked for ‘partnership working’ with North Somerset Council to deliver this project and now look forward to the opportunity of establishing a close working relationship with The Tropicana Working Party and officers from North Somerset Council with the emphasis on 'enabling' the regeneration to move forward.

The group would like to thank local Residents, Businesses, The Town Council and Community Groups within the Town who have been hugely supportive of our work. Without their continued help we would not have been able to achieve this opportunity to bring the Tropicana back into use. We would encourage everyone to continue to feel a part of this process.

29th January 2013

English heritage reviewing our planning application details

The Secretary of State has his deliberation on hold currently until English Heritage have had time to review our planning application so the further deliberation by the SOS will now be from mid February. We understand from North Somerset Council that our planning application will not be heard now until late February, the next planning meeting being 21st February 2013 (South Area). We will be sending out a 'war cry' once we know the date as we want as many supporters as possible to attend the meeting to listen to what your councillors and the leaders of the council have to say and what action they have taken following all the support letters sent to them.

8th November 2012

Secretary of State Concedes our Appeal to the High Court

Campaigners trying to save the Tropicana are celebrating after finding out the Secretary of State has decided not to defend the Appeal they lodged in the High Court against his decision to grant Conservation Area Consent and allow the demolition of the more.

19th October 2012

Campaigners applaud Planning Committee decision on the Tropicana

Campaigners The Trop (WsM) are celebrating today after Councillors at last night’s South Area Planning Committee unanimously voted to require prior approval of the demolition of the more

18th October 2012

Campaigners discover council to decide demolition without notice

Councillors at North Somerset Council have been given just 24hrs notice that an application to demolish the Tropicana is to be decided at tonight’s South Area Planning more.

24th September 2012

Stay of Execution for The Tropicana

The High Court has granted an injunction preventing North Somerset Council from demolishing The Tropicana until an appeal, made by The Trop (WsM) Ltd, is heard by the High Court on 29 November….read more.

22nd September 2012

Rally for Saving the Tropicana

About 150 people have turned up to a rally outside of the Tropicana in Weston today campaigning to save the Tropicana from demolition.  The protest was organised by a local cheerleading group who feel very strongly about saving the building and wanted to raise awareness of the proposal to knock the building down. Thanks to all for coming along.

14th September 2012

Lodging an appeal with the High Court

The Trop (WsM) have submitted a Section 63 appeal to the High Court today to try and stop the decision to knock the Tropicana down until the Appeal can be heard by the High Court as to why The Trop (WsM) believe the Secretary of State made the wrong decision.

6th August 2012

Secretary of State approves Council application to demolish the Tropicana

The Secretary of State has approved North Somerset's application to demolish the Tropicana within the Conservation Area.

6th August 2012

Environment Agency confirms waste is being stored unlawfully within the Tropicana

The Environment Agency has confirmed there is contaminated waste stored unlawfully in the Tropicana building and requires the council to assess the waste and remove it by the 30th of September.